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Title: Chondrocyte Viability in Fresh and Frozen Large Human Osteochondral Allografts: Effect of Cryoprotective Agents
Authors: Judas, F. 
Rosa, S. 
Teixeira, L. 
Lopes, C. 
Mendes, A. Ferreira 
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Transplantation Proceedings. 39:8 (2007) 2531-2534
Abstract: Chondrocyte survival is a major goal for the effective storage and clinical performance of human osteochondral allografts. The majority of animal and human cryopreservation studies conducted so far have been performed in small osteochondral cylinders. Using human tibial plateaus as a model for large osteochondral pieces, this work sought to evaluate the cryoprotective efficiency of glycerol and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), and to identify cryopreservation conditions suitable for use in tissue banks. Human tibial plateaus harvested from 7 cadaveric tissue donors were incubated in the presence or absence of cryoprotective agents (CPA): 10% or 15% glycerol and 10% DMSO in a Ham F-12 nutrient mixture. Chondrocyte viability was assessed immediately after thawing, using the MTT reduction assay and a fluorescence microscopic method. The tibial plateaus frozen in the absence of CPA showed a significant decrease in chondrocyte viability. The use of CPA significantly increased chondrocyte viability compared with cartilage frozen without CPA (nearly 50% versus 80% living chondrocytes with 10% glycerol versus 10% DMSO, respectively) relative to that in fresh cartilage. In this regard, 10% DMSO was slightly more effective than either 10% or 15% glycerol, eliciting the recovery of approximately 15% relative to the living chondrocyte content in fresh cartilage. In all conditions, fluorescence microscopic studies showed that surviving chondrocytes were restricted to the superficial cartilage layer. Human tibial plateaus seemed to be a good experimental model to establish cryopreservation methods applicable to large human osteochondral pieces in tissue banks.
DOI: 10.1016/j.transproceed.2007.07.028
Rights: openAccess
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