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Title: Monte Carlo studies of a novel X-ray tube anode design
Authors: Tavora, L. M. N. 
Gilboy, W. B. 
Morton, E. J. 
Keywords: X-ray tube; Anode design; Monte Carlo simulation
Issue Date: 2001
Keywords: X-ray tube; Anode design; Monte Carlo simulation
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Radiation Physics and Chemistry. 61:3-6 (2001) 527-529
Abstract: When energetic electrons are incident on high atomic number absorbers, a substantial fraction is back-scattered. This phenomenon is responsible for several undesirable effects in X-ray tubes, in particular a reduction in the X-ray output. The extent of this shortfall has been estimated by using Monte Carlo simulation to start electrons at increasing depth inside the anode, the results indicating that an output enhancement of nearly 50% could be achieved in principle if the electrons wasted in back-scatter events could be trapped inside a tungsten anode. To test this idea a further set of simulations were done for a novel anode geometry. Results showed that X-ray tube efficiencies might be substantially enhanced by this approach.
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