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Title: Landau diamagnetism of a weakly bound muonium atom
Authors: Storchak, V. G. 
Eshchenko, D. G. 
Cottrell, S. P. 
Cox, S. F. J. 
Karlsson, E. 
Waeppling, R. 
Gil, J. M. 
Keywords: Muonium; Weakly bound atom; Diamagnetism
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: Physics Letters A. 290:3-4 (2001) 181-186
Abstract: The ionization with temperature of weakly bound muonium atoms in undoped CdS has been studied using the technique of muon spin relaxation in a transverse magnetic field of 10 mT. For this atom the Coulomb binding energy between the muon and the electron is sufficiently small that the Landau diamagnetic term determines the magnetic behavior of the system: due to the diamagnetic interaction the muon precession in a transverse magnetic field exhibits a frequency shift of approximately 0.5% around the ionization temperature.
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