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Title: OZI violating eight-quark interactions as a thermometer for chiral transitions
Authors: Osipov, A. A. 
Hiller, B. 
Moreira, J. 
Blin, A. H. 
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Physics Letters B. 659:1-2 (2008) 270-274
Abstract: This work is a follow-up of our recent observation that in the SU(3) flavor limit with vanishing current quark masses the temperature for the chiral transition is substantially reduced by adding eight-quark interactions to the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Lagrangian with UA(1) breaking. Here we generalize the case to realistic light and strange quark masses and confirm our prior result. Additionally, we demonstrate that depending on the strength of OZI violating eight-quark interactions, the system undergoes either a rapid crossover or a first order phase transition. The meson mass spectra of the low lying pseudoscalars and scalars at T=0 are not sensitive to the difference in the parameter settings that correspond to these two alternatives, except for the singlet-octet mixing scalar channels, mainly the [sigma] meson.
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