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Title: On the validity of lumped capacitance approaches for the numerical prediction of heat and mass transfer in desiccant airflow systems
Authors: Ruivo, C. R. 
Costa, J. J. 
Figueiredo, A. R. 
Keywords: Adsorption; Desiccant layer; Lumped capacitance models; Heat and mass exchangers
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: International Journal of Thermal Sciences. 47:3 (2008) 282-292
Abstract: In the present work, a detailed model of simultaneous heat and mass transfer through a desiccant micro-porous medium of a channel wall of compact heat and mass exchangers, such as desiccant wheels, was developed. The relevant phenomena considered by this model within the porous medium are surface diffusion of the adsorbed water, Knudsen diffusion of water vapour, heat conduction and the sorption process. A one-dimensional formulation of this model is used to investigate the validity of two simplifying approaches based on the lumped-capacitance method. One consists of neglecting the transversal heat and mass transfer resistances within the porous medium, the other of cancelling only the thermal resistance.
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