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Title: Two African swine fever virus proteins derived from a common precursor exhibit different nucleocytoplasmic transport activities
Authors: Eulálio, A. 
Nunes-Correia, I. 
Carvalho, A. L. 
Faro, C. 
Citovsky, V. 
Simões, S. 
Lima, M. C. Pedroso de 
Issue Date: Sep-2004
Publisher: American Society for Microbiology
Citation: Journal of Virology. 78:18 (2004) 9731-9739
Abstract: African swine fever virus (ASFV), a large icosahedral deoxyvirus, is the causative agent of an economically relevant hemorrhagic disease that affects domestic pigs. The major purpose of the present study was to investigate the nuclear transport activities of the ASFV p37 and p14 proteins, which result from the proteolytic processing of a common precursor. Experiments were performed by using yeast-based nucleocytoplasmic transport assays and by analysis of the subcellular localization of different green fluorescent and Myc fusion proteins in mammalian cells. The results obtained both in yeast and mammalian cells clearly demonstrated that ASFV p14 protein is imported into the nucleus but not exported to the cytoplasm. The ability of p37 protein to be exported from the nucleus to the cytoplasm of both yeast and mammalian cells was also demonstrated, and the results clearly indicate that p37 nuclear export is dependent on the interaction of the protein with the CRM-1 receptor. In addition, p37 was shown to exhibit nuclear import activity in mammalian cells. The p37 protein nuclear import and export abilities described here constitute the first report of a nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein encoded by the ASFV genome. Overall, the overlapping results obtained for green fluorescent protein fusions and Myc-tagged proteins undoubtedly demonstrate that ASFV p37 and p14 proteins exhibit nucleocytoplasmic transport activities. These findings are significant for understanding the role these proteins play in the replication cycle of ASFV
ISSN: 0022-538X
DOI: 10.1128/jvi.78.18.9731-9739.2004
Rights: openAccess
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