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Title: Results on low mass WIMPs using an upgraded CRESST-II detector
Authors: Angloher, G. 
Bento, A. 
Bucci, C. 
Canonica, L.
Erb, A. 
von Feilitzsch, F. 
Iachellini, N. Ferreiro
Gorla, P.
Gütlein, A. 
Hauff, D. 
Huff, P. 
Jochum, J. 
Kiefer, M. 
Kister, C.
Kluck, H.
Kraus, H.
Lanfranchi, J.-C. 
Loebell, J.
Münster, A. 
Petricca, F. 
Potzel, W. 
Pröbst, F. 
Reindl, F. 
Roth, S. 
Rottler, K. 
Sailer, C. 
Schäffner, K. 
Schieck, J.
Schmaler, J. 
Scholl, S. 
Schönert, S. 
Seidel, W. 
von Sivers, M.
Stodolsky, L. 
Strandhagen, C. 
Strauß, R. 
Tanzke, A. 
Uffinger, M.
Ulrich, A. 
Usherov, I. 
Wawoczny, S. 
Willers, M. 
Wüstrich, M.
Zöller, A. 
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Springer Nature
Serial title, monograph or event: European Physical Journal C
Volume: 74
Issue: 12
Abstract: The CRESST-II cryogenic dark matter search aims for the detection of WIMPs via elastic scattering off nuclei in CaWO4 crystals. We present results from a lowthreshold analysis of a single upgraded detector module. This module efficiently vetoes low energy backgrounds induced by α-decays on inner surfaces of the detector. With an exposure of 29.35 kg live days collected in 2013 we set a limit on spin-independent WIMP-nucleon scattering which probes a new region of parameter space for WIMP masses below 3 GeV/c2, previously not covered in direct detection searches. A possible excess over background discussed for the previous CRESST-II phase 1 (from 2009 to 2011) is not confirmed.
ISSN: 1434-6044
DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-014-3184-9
Rights: openAccess
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