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Title: Upper aerodigestive tract carcinoma: Development of a (epi)genomic predictive model for recurrence and metastasis
Authors: Ribeiro, Ilda Patrícia 
Caramelo, Francisco 
Ribeiro, Margarida 
Machado, Ana
Miguéis, Jorge 
Marques, Francisco
Carreira, Isabel Marques 
Melo, Joana Barbosa 
Keywords: copy number alteration; methylation; recurrence and metastasis; upper aerodigestive tract carcinoma; predictive model; head and neck cancer
Issue Date: May-2020
Publisher: Spandidos Publications
Project: CENTRO‑01‑0145‑FEDER‑000012 
Serial title, monograph or event: Oncology Letters
Volume: 19
Issue: 5
Abstract: Despite the increased molecular knowledge and the diagnostic and therapeutic improvements, the survival of patients with upper aerodigestive tract carcinoma remains poor. The identification of early diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and the development of molecular models to distinguish patients that will recur and/or develop metastasis after treatment as well as to benefit with target therapies can be important to decrease mortality, improve survival rates and improve the quality of life of these patients. The current study analyzed 21 upper aerodigestive tract carcinomas through array comparative genomic hybridization and methylation-specific multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification techniques. A number of chromosomal regions and genes were observed with copy number alterations and methylation. A predictive (epi)genomic model that comprises the 3p chromosomal region and WT1, VHL and THBS1 genes was built, highlighting a molecular signature with possible clinical use. The current study may aid in the development of a more individualized patient management and targeted drug design. The power of this genomic and epigenetic model to predict the recurrence and metastasis development should be evaluated and validated in future larger cohort study.
ISSN: 1792-1074
DOI: 10.3892/ol.2020.11459
Rights: openAccess
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