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Title: An Enhanced Approach With Regard To Kano Satisfaction to Minimize the Power Imbalance between the End Users and Stakeholders
Authors: Khan, Saad Mujahid
Orientador: Hannan, Abdul
Keywords: Kano Satisfaction; Power Imbalance; End Users; Stakeholders
Issue Date: 2019
Place of publication or event: Abasyn University
Abstract: Minimizing Power imbalance of software requirements among stake holders and end users is crucially important for successful software Product. Various contributions on subjected topic have been made in past but still there is a room available for minimizing the power imbalance among. In our presented approach we worked to minimize the effect of power imbalance by sampling the End users and in to three age groups and then we map the requirements with age groups. After filling the questionnaires from End users and, the attributes of Kano model are determined by their concern End Users and that’s how power imbalance can be reduced and later we calculated the satisfaction index by considering the relevant age group’s value. The results are further quantitatively determined in order to achieve the authenticity of the methodology
Description: Documentos apresentados no âmbito do reconhecimento de graus e diplomas estrangeiros
Rights: openAccess
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