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Title: Analyzing the Position of Mid-Sized Cities in Azerbaijan Region in order to Achieve a Balanced Regional Development
Authors: Keyvanloo, Esmaeil
Orientador: Zebardast, Esfandiar
Keywords: Mid-sized cities; Hilhorst theory; Kunzmann theory; Primacy index; urban concentration index; Balanced distribution index; Location Coefficient; Shift-share analysis
Issue Date: Jul-2013
Place of publication or event: University of Tehran
Abstract: Accelerated urbanization and concentration of resources and facilities in metropolises and large cities have caused regional imbalances. This has led to creation of a phenomenon which has result in a form of spatial imbalance and presence of severe differences in labor systems and other activities in Azerbaijan region. Other outcomes of this phenomenon includes the transformation of Tabriz into a primate city and the other two cities of the region, namely Ardabil and Urmia becoming prominent cities at the regional level. The urbanization rate in the Western part of the region is about 75 percent as compared to 25 percent in the eastern half. Therefore, in order to achieve spatial justice, a balanced regional development, strengthening the role of the mid-sized cities was taken into consideration. This would result in a regional balance as has been proposed by such theories of development as Hilhorst’s and kunzmann’s. The research method of this study is based on the descriptive-analysis approach. In order to analyze and identify the trends, three categories of indexes, including the primacy index, urban concentration index and indices of balanced distribution are used. In order to describe and analyze the economic situation, shift-share analysis and location coefficient is used. The results obtained show that with the growth of mid-sized cities, primacy rate and urban concentration would be reduced and the urban system would move towards a balanced condition. Economic indexes show that with the strengthening of the role of the mid-sized cities, the process of the economic situation in Azerbaijan region would improve. Finally, in order to create a more balanced regional development in Azerbaijan region, the mid sized cities in the region’s borders, cities with relief roles, cities with development role, and cities with production functions were identified and located.
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