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Title: 3D Modeling Of Route guidance Sign Visibility
Authors: Karami, Sara
Orientador: Taleai, Mohammad
Keywords: Visibility; 3D modeling; Spatial analysis; Cellular Automata; Traffic Signs
Issue Date: 2018
Place of publication or event: K.N. Toosi University of Technology
Abstract: Highway signs provide the necessary information and guidance for drivers, inform them about the regulations governing roads and the risks of them. The locating of the highways signs and taking into account the criteria of sight have a significant impact on the timely finding of the route and avoiding driver confusion, reducing traffic and accidents. The purpose of this research is to provide an approach based on the spatial analysis in 3D space to evaluate the visibility of the signs. The height and direction of the signs, the distance and horizontal angle between the signs and the observer (driver), and the perceived area of the signs are the indicators that influence the visibility of the signs. In the proposed method, moving the cars simulated with Cellular Automata and the 3D roadway static obstacles include the bridge, trees and kinematic obstacles in the path are mapped to the sign surface using projective geometry and the driver’s perceived area is calculated for different situations. In order to determinate the visibility of the sign at the different vehicle (driver) locations, spatial indices such as the overlap area resulted from the mapping of an obstacle to the sign surface, the distance between the sign and overlap area centers, and the combination of overlap area with distance are presented. The combination of overlap area with distance was selected as an indicator of visibility and driver’s visibility in Per second evaluate. with consider the minimum time for perception the sign, calculation the number of sequence and the view of the vehicle (driver) evaluated. The results of this research reveal that the proposed method can be used as an appropriate tool for optimal placement of highway signs in a 3-Dimensional environment.
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