Freire-Lista, David

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Freire-Lista, David
Freire-Lista, David Martín
Freire-Lista, David M.
Unidade de I&D
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UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12019Multi-Analysis Characterisation of a Vernacular House in Doha (Qatar): Petrography and Petrophysics of its Construction MaterialsFreire-Lista, David Martín ; Kahraman, Gizem; Carter, RobertarticleopenAccess
22021Petrographic and petrophysical characterisation and structural function of the heritage stones in Fuwairit Archaeological Site (NE Qatar): implications for heritage conservationFreire-Lista, David Martín ; Sousa, Luís ; Carter, Robert; Al-Naimi, FaysalarticleopenAccess
32021Rare Biogeochemical Phenomenon Associated to Manganese Patinas on Mural Painting and Granite AshlarsCampos, Bruno; Marco, Alexandra; Freire-Lista, David Martín ; Durães, Nuno; Silvestre-Albero, Joaquin; da Silva, Eduardo Ferreira; Vieira, Eduarda; Pintado, Manuela; Moreira, Patrícia R.articleopenAccess