Costa, Pedro J. M.

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Costa, Pedro J. M.
Costa, P. J. M.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12021Can Modeling the Geologic Record Contribute to Constraining the Tectonic Source of the 1755 CE Great Lisbon Earthquake?Dourado, F.; Costa, P. J. M. ; La Selle, S.; Andrade, C.; Silva, A. N.; Bosnic, I.; Gelfenbaum, G.articleopenAccess
22016How did the AD 1755 tsunami impact on sand barriers across the southern coast of Portugal?Costa, Pedro J. M. ; Costas, Susana ; González-Villanueva, R. ; Oliveira, M. A. ; Roelvink, D. ; Andrade, C. ; Freitas, M. C. ; Cunha, P. P. ; Martins, A. ; Buylaert, J.-P. ; Murray, A. articleopenAccess
3Jul-2022Social engagement in coastal adaptation processes: Development and validation of the CoastADAPT scaleAreia, Neide P. ; Costa, Pedro J. M. ; Tavares, Alexandre O. articleopenAccess