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Milano, Gerusa E
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12013Age and menarcheal status do not influence metabolic response to aerobic training in overweight girlsLeite, Neiva ; Carvalho, Humberto M ; Padez, Cristina ; Lopes, Wendell Arthur ; Milano, Gerusa E ; Radominski, Rosana B ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. articleopenAccess
22013Peak oxygen uptake responses to training in obese adolescents: a multilevel allometric framework to partition the influence of body size and maturity statusCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Milano, Gerusa E. ; Lopes, Wendell A.; Figueiredo, António J. ; Radominski, Rosana B. ; Leite, Neiva articleopenAccess