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Ladeirinha, Ana Filipa Ferreira
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Deficient production of reactive oxygen species leads to severe chronic DSS-induced colitis in Ncf1/p47phox-mutant miceRodrigues-Sousa, Tiago ; Ladeirinha, Ana Filipa Ferreira ; Santiago, Ana Raquel ; Carvalheiro, Helena ; Raposo, Bruno; Alarcão, Ana ; Cabrita, António ; Holmdahl, Rikard; Carvalho, Lina ; Carneiro, M. Margarida Souto articleopenAccess
22011Establishment of primary cell cultures from lung tissue biopsies and study of the cellular metabolic responses to cisplatin and radiation exposureLadeirinha, Ana Filipa Ferreira masterThesisopenAccess