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Domingues, Patrícia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12012Amplified and Homozygously Deleted Genes in Glioblastoma: Impact on Gene Expression LevelsCrespo, Inês ; Tão, Hermínio ; Nieto, Ana Belen; Rebelo, Olinda ; Domingues, Patrícia ; Vital, Ana Luísa ; Patino, Maria del Carmen; Barbosa, Marcos ; Lopes, M. C. ; Oliveira, C. R. ; Orfão, Alberto ; Tabernero, María Dolores articleopenAccess
22013Association between inflammatory infiltrates and isolated monosomy 22/del(22q) in meningiomasDomingues, Patrícia Henriques ; Teodósio, Cristina; Otero, Álvaro; Sousa, Pablo; Ortiz, Javier; Macias, María del Carmen García; Gonçalves, Jesús María; Nieto, Ana Belén; Lopes, Maria Celeste ; Oliveira, Catarina de ; Orfão, Alberto ; Tabernero, María Dolores articleopenAccess
39-Jan-2015Patterns of protein expression and cytogenetic alterations in meningiomas: relationship with the clinical and biological features of the diseaseDomingues, Patrícia doctoralThesisopenAccess