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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
16-Feb-2012Escoamentos Mistos em Colectores : Modelação matemática e algorítmos numéricosLopes, Pedro ; Abreu, José Manuel ; Leandro, Jorge conferenceObjectopenAccess
223-Jul-2020Estudo do comportamento hidráulico numa vala de oxidaçãoPinto, Cláudia Soraya HortamasterThesisopenAccess
329-Mar-2017Free-surface flow interface and air-entrainment modelling in hydraulic structuresLopes, Pedro Miguel Borges doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
415-Nov-2013Free-surface Flow Interface And Air-Entrainment Modelling Using OpenFOAMLopes, Pedro doctoralThesisopenAccess
54-Sep-2012Hydraulic Behaviour Of A Gully Under Surcharge ConditionsLopes, Pedro Miguel ; Leandro, Jorge Eduardo ; Carvalho, Rita Fernandes ; Martins, Ricardo Daniel articleopenAccess
68-Sep-2011Modelo Numérico Misto : Superfície Livre / PressãoLopes, Pedro Miguel Borges masterThesisopenAccess
710-Oct-2014Numerical and experimental characterization of the 2D vertical average-velocity plane at the center-profile and qualitative air entrainment inside a gully for drainage and reverse flowLeandro, J. ; Lopes, P. ; Carvalho, R. ; Páscoa, P. ; Martins, R. ; Romagnoli, M. articleopenAccess
821-Sep-2015Numerical and experimental investigation of a gully under surcharge conditionsLopes, Pedro ; Leandro, Jorge ; Carvalho, Rita Fernandes ; Páscoa, Patrícia ; Martins, Ricardo articleopenAccess
92021Numerical investigation of alternating skimming flow over a stepped spillwayKaouachi, Anouar; Carvalho, Rita F. ; Lopes, Pedro ; Benmamar, Saâdia; Gafsi, MoustefaarticleopenAccess
102019Numerical Research of Flows into Gullies with Different Outlet LocationsCarvalho, Rita ; Lopes, Pedro ; Leandro, Jorge ; David, Luis M.articleopenAccess
112010Sizing evaluation of uncoated fine papersLopes, Pedro ; Preciso, Carlos ; Sousa, António Mendes de ; Ferreira, Paulo conferenceObjectopenAccess