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110-Jan-2023Editorial: Shaping Healthier Cities -Ecosystem Services and Health for a Responsive Human-Nature RelationsSalata, Stefano; Vidal, Diogo Guedes ; Alves, Fátima ; Ribeiro, Ana Isabel; Artmann, MartinaarticleopenAccess
226-Feb-2024Exploring the nexus of gender and environment in the H2020 PHOENIX project: insights from the design of a gender equality planEsteves, Denise ; Holz, Sheila ; Lopes, Mónica ; Sandri, SinaraarticleopenAccess
32024Plural Nature(s): An Overview of Their Sociocultural ConstructionAlves, Fátima ; Vidal, Diogo Guedes articleopenAccess
46-Jul-2023The rights of nature and the human right to nature: an overview of the European legal system and challenges for the ecological transitionAlves, Fátima ; Costa, Paulo Manuel ; Noveli, Luca; Vidal, Diogo Guedes articleopenAccess