NSF OPP-1543383 and OPP-1947040

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NSF OPP-1543383 and OPP-1947040


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12021Productivity and Change in Fish and Squid in the Southern OceanCaccavo, Jilda Alicia; Christiansen, Henrik; Constable, Andrew J.; Ghigliotti, Laura; Trebilco, Rowan; Brooks, Cassandra M.; Cotte, Cédric; Desvignes, Thomas; Dornan, Tracey; Jones, Christopher D.; Koubbi, Philippe; Saunders, Ryan A.; Strobel, Anneli; Vacchi, Marino; van de Putte, Anton P.; Walters, Andrea; Waluda, Claire M.; Woods, Briannyn L.; Xavier, José C. articleopenAccess