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CERN/FISCOM/ 0035/2019


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12021May the four be with you: novel IR-subtraction methods to tackle NNLO calculationsTorres Bobadilla, W. J.; Sborlini, G. F. R.; Banerjee, P.; Catani, S.; Cherchiglia, A. L.; Cieri, L.; Dhani, P. K.; Driencourt-Mangin, F.; Engel, T.; Ferrera, G.; Gnendiger, C.; Hernández-Pinto, R. J.; Hiller, B. ; Pelliccioli, G.; Pires, J.; Pittau, R.; Rocco, M.; Rodrigo, G.; Sampaio, M.; Signer, A.; Signorile-Signorile, C.; Stöckinger, D.; Tramontano, F.; Ulrich, Y.articleopenAccess