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12017Extracellular Electrophysiological Measurements of Cooperative Signals in Astrocytes PopulationsMestre, Ana L. G.; Inácio, Pedro M. C.; Elamine, Youssef; Asgarifar, Sanaz; Lourenço, Ana S.; Cristiano, Maria L. S.; Aguiar, Paulo; Medeiros, Maria C. R. ; Araújo, Inês M. ; Ventura, João André ; Gomes, Henrique L.articleopenAccess
22021Identification of colorectal cancer associated biomarkers: an integrated analysis of miRNA expressionFonseca, André; Ramalhete, Sara Ventura; Mestre, André; Neves, Ricardo Pires das ; Marreiros, Ana; Castelo Branco, Pedro ; Roberto, Vânia PalmaarticleopenAccess
312-Mar-2018Mechanisms of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) regulation: clinical impacts in cancerLeão, Ricardo ; Apolónio, Joana Dias; Lee, Donghyun; Figueiredo, Arnaldo ; Tabori, Uri ; Castelo Branco, Pedro articleopenAccess