QREN-Mais Centro Project No. ICT_2009_02_012_1890

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QREN-Mais Centro Project No. ICT_2009_02_012_1890


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1202157Fe Mössbauer Analysis of Meteorites and TektitesCosta, Benilde F. O. ; Alves, Eduardo Ivo ; Silva, Pedro A. O. C. ; Batista, António C. articleopenAccess
221-Apr-2020Effect of Bi-substitution into the A-site of multiferroic La0.8Ca0.2FeO3 on structural, electrical and dielectric propertiesIssaoui, H. ; Benali, A. ; Bejar, M.; Dhahri, E.; Costa, B. F. O. ; Graca, M. P. F.; Valente, M. A.articleopenAccess
34-Jan-2021Electrical conductivity and dielectric properties of Sr doped M-type barium hexaferrite BaFe12O19Marouani, Y.; Massoudi, J.; Noumi, M.; Benali, A. ; Dhahri, E.; Sanguino, P. ; Graça, M. P. F.; Valente, M. A.; Costa, B. F. O.articleopenAccess
42022Experimental and modeling study of ZnO:Ni nanoparticles for near-infrared light emitting diodesElhamdi, Imen; Souissi, Hajer; Taktak, Olfa; Elghoul, Jaber; Kammoun, Souha; Dhahri, Essebti; Costa, Benilde F. O. articleopenAccess
530-Jun-2023Improvement of the Mechanical Properties of Silica Aerogels for Thermal Insulation Applications through a Combination of Aramid Nanofibres and MicrofibresGhica, Mariana E. ; Mandinga, Jandira G. S. ; Linhares, Teresa ; Almeida, Cláudio M. R. ; Durães, Luisa articleopenAccess
624-Apr-2023Study of physical properties of the Li0.5MgFe1.5O3.5 ferrite nanoparticlesJeidd, Abddaim; Amghar, Mohamed; Mabrouki, A; Benali, A. ; Trabelsi, A; Dhahri, E; Khirouni, K; Costa, B. F. O. articleopenAccess