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119-Feb-2022Quercus suber Roots Activate Antioxidant and Membrane Protective Processes in Response to High SalinityDias, Maria Celeste ; Santos, Conceição; Araújo, Márcia ; Barros, Pedro M.; Oliveira, Margarida; Oliveira, José Miguel P. Ferreira dearticleopenAccess
22014Sulforaphane induces oxidative stress and death by p53-independent mechanism: implication of impaired glutathione recyclingOliveira, José Miguel P. Ferreira de; Costa, Maria; Pedrosa, Tiago; Pinto, Pedro; Remédios, Catarina; Oliveira, Helena; Pimentel, Francisco ; Almeida, Luís; Santos, ConceiçãoarticleopenAccess