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12019Ground Penetration Radar in Geotechnics. Advantages and LimitationsQuinta-Ferreira, Mário articleopenAccess
22017Influence of Froth Height on Column Flotation of Kaolin OrePita, Fernando articleopenAccess
32019Plastics floatability: effect of saponin and sodium lignosulfonate as wetting agentsPita, Fernando ; Castilho, Ana articleopenAccess
42018Separation of Copper from Electric Cable Waste Based on Mineral Processing Methods: A Case StudyPita, Fernando ; Castilho, Ana articleopenAccess
52019The Use of Dolostone in Historical Buildings of Coimbra (Central Portugal)Catarino, Lídia G. ; Figueiredo, Roque ; Figueiredo, Fernando Pedro ; Andrade, Pedro ; Duarte, João articleopenAccess