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Ph.D. grant 2021.08095.BD


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115-Aug-2022New Advances in Biomedical Application of Polymeric MicellesFigueiras, Ana ; Domingues, Cátia ; Jarak, Ivana ; Santos, Ana Isabel ; Parra, Ana ; Pais, Alberto ; Alvarez-Lorenzo, Carmen ; Concheiro, Angel ; Kabanov, Alexander; Cabral, Horacio; Veiga, Francisco articleopenAccess
26-Oct-2023Pediatric Drug Development: Reviewing Challenges and Opportunities by Tracking Innovative TherapiesDomingues, Cátia ; Jarak, Ivana ; Veiga, Francisco ; Dourado, Marília ; Figueiras, Ana articleopenAccess
33-Feb-2023The Role of Cyclodextrins in COVID-19 Therapy-A Literature ReviewAlmeida, Beatriz C. ; Domingues, Cátia ; Mascarenhas-Melo, Filipa ; Silva, Inês; Jarak, Ivana ; Veiga, Francisco ; Figueiras, Ana articleopenAccess