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14-Apr-2022IR-induced and tunneling reactions in cryogenic matrices: the (incomplete) story of a successful endeavorFausto, Rui ; Ildiz, Gulce O; Nunes, Cláudio M articleembargoedAccess
210-May-2021Structural Relevance of Intramolecular H-Bonding in Ortho-Hydroxyaryl Schiff Bases: The Case of 3-(5-bromo-2-hydroxybenzylideneamino) PhenolSıdır, İsa; Gülseven Sıdır, Yadigar; Góbi, Sándor ; Berber, Halil; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
32021Switching on H-Tunneling through Conformational ControlRoque, José P. L. ; Nunes, Cláudio M. ; Viegas, Luís P. ; Pereira, Nelson A. M. ; Pinho e Melo, Teresa M. V. D. ; Schreiner, Peter R.; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess