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111-Jan-2020Dynamic Model and Inverse Kinematic Identification of a 3-DOF Manipulator Using RLSPSOBatista, Josias; Souza, Darielson; Dos Reis, Laurinda; Barbosa, Antônio; Araújo, Rui articleopenAccess
22020Effect of environmental filters on Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) assemblages of neotropical watershedsGomes, Wilma Izabelly Ananias; Jovem-Azevêdo, Daniele; Azevedo, Evaldo de Lira; Feio, Maria João ; Mello, Franco Teixeira de; Molozzi, JoselinearticleopenAccess
32006In Vitro studies of bioactive glass/polyhydroxybutyrate compositesPaiva, André Oliveira; Duarte, Maria Gabriela ; Fernandes, Maria Helena Vaz; Gil, Maria Helena ; Costa, Necésio GomesarticleopenAccess
410-Oct-2011Medicinal animals used in ethnoveterinary practices of the 'Cariri Paraibano', NE BrazilSouto, Wedson M. S.; Mourão, José S.; Barboza, Raynner R. D.; Mendonça, Lívia E. T.; Lucena, Reinaldo F. P.; Confessor, Maine V. A.; Vieira, Washington L. S.; Montenegro, Paulo F. G. P.; Lopez, Luiz C. S.; Alves, Rômulo R. N.articleopenAccess
52013Peak oxygen uptake responses to training in obese adolescents: a multilevel allometric framework to partition the influence of body size and maturity statusCarvalho, Humberto M. ; Milano, Gerusa E. ; Lopes, Wendell A.; Figueiredo, António J. ; Radominski, Rosana B. ; Leite, Neiva articleopenAccess
62010Radiatively induced non linearity in the Walecka modelCavagnoli, Rafael ; Pinto, Marcus BenghiarticleopenAccess