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12018Correctness and Rationality as Presumptions of Bindingness in Adjudication: On the Methodological Relevance of Judicial Precedents and Dogmatic Models in European Civil Law and Common Law SystemsGaudêncio, Ana MargaridabookPartopenAccess
22018Crossing the Fundamental States of Law: Contemporary Aesthetic Approaches to Juridical Interpretation and JuridicityDuarte, Brisa PaimbookPartopenAccess
32018INTRODUCTORY NOTELinhares, José Manuel Aroso ; Gaudêncio, Ana Margarida Simões ; Godinho, Inês Fernandes Guerreiro bookPartopenAccess
4Dec-2017Introdução: Actas do Colóquio A Pena e o TempoLinhares, José Manuel Aroso bookPartopenAccess
52018Juristenrecht and Criminal Law: European Identity as a Limit to the Mistake on the ProhibitionGodinho, InêsbookPartopenAccess
62018Jurists' Law and European Identity Dogmatic-Institutional, Methodological and Legal-Philosophical ProblemsLinhares, José Manuel Aroso ; Gaudêncio, Ana Margarida Simões ; Godinho, Inês Fernandes Guerreiro bookopenAccess
72018‘A Metodologia da Realização do Direito’. Os Pólos Noemáticos do ExercícioBronze, Fernando JosébookPartopenAccess
8Sep-2016Temporal Law and Timeless Human RightsGodinho, Inês Fernandes Guerreiro bookPartopenAccess
92018The Claim for «Consonance» between Principles and Problem-Solving Practices: The Challenge of Plurality and the Indispensable Mediation of JuristenrechtLinhares, José Manuel ArosobookopenAccess
102018The «Depth Grammar» of Criminal Law: The Case Rule and the Distinction Between Norm and AscriptionMoura, BrunobookPartopenAccess
112018The «Symbolic Power» of Iberian Academia at the Colonial Jus Gentium Europaeum Founding MomentAlmeida, Miguel bookPartopenAccess