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110-Jan-2022Detection of the tidal deformation of WASP-103b at 3 σ with CHEOPSBarros, S. C. C.; Akinsanm, B.; G. Boué, G.; Smith, A. M. S.; Laskar, J.; Ulmer-Moll, S.; Lillo-Box, J.; Correia, A. C. M. ; The CHEOPS teamarticleopenAccess
22023Ionosphere over Eastern North Atlantic Midlatitudinal Zone during Geomagnetic StormsBarata, Teresa ; Pereira, Joana ; Hernández-Pajares, Manuel; Barlyaeva, Tatiana ; Morozova, A. L. articleopenAccess
32022PCA-MRM Model to Forecast TEC at Middle LatitudesMorozova, Anna L. ; Barata, Teresa ; Barlyaeva, Tatiana V. articleopenAccess
42023Principal component analysis as a tool to extract Sq variation from the geomagnetic field observations: Conditions of applicabilityMorozova, A. L. ; Rebbah, Rania articleopenAccess
52023Sunspot Detection Using YOLOv5 in Spectroheliograph H-Alpha ImagesSantos, José; Peixinho, Nuno ; Barata, Teresa ; Pereira, Carlos ; Coimbra, A. Paulo ; Crisóstomo, Manuel M. ; Mendes, Mateus articleopenAccess
6Apr-2023Updating datasets of ionospheric parameters provided by SCINDA GNSS receiver from Lisbon airport area with full data sets for 2014-2019Morozova, A. L. ; Barlyaeva, Tatiana ; Barata, Teresa articleopenAccess