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12021Green chitosan: thiourea dioxide cleaning gel for manganese stains on granite and glass substratesCampos, Bruno; Marco, Alexandra; Cadeco, Guilhermina; Freire-Lista, David M.; Silvestre-Albero, Joaquin; Algarra, Manuel; Vieira, Eduarda; Pintado, Manuela; Moreira, PatríciaarticleopenAccess
22021Rare Biogeochemical Phenomenon Associated to Manganese Patinas on Mural Painting and Granite AshlarsCampos, Bruno; Marco, Alexandra; Freire-Lista, David Martín ; Durães, Nuno; Silvestre-Albero, Joaquin; da Silva, Eduardo Ferreira; Vieira, Eduarda; Pintado, Manuela; Moreira, Patrícia R.articleopenAccess