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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Aug-2020Ecosystem services as a resilience descriptor in habitat risk assessment using the InVEST modelVera, Claudia ; Marques, João Carlos ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Teixeira, Zara articleopenAccess
2Oct-2018Identification of potential aquaculture sites in solar saltscapes via the Analytic Hierarchy ProcessTeixeira, Zara ; Marques, C. ; Mota, Joice Seleme ; Garcia, Ana Carla articleopenAccess
3Jun-2020Identifying ecosystem services research hotspots to illustrate the importance of site-specific research: An Atlantic coastal region case studyCaro, Claudia ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Marques, João Carlos ; Teixeira, Zara articleopenAccess