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12021Local governments' use of social media during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of PortugalPadeiro, Miguel ; Bueno-Larraz, Beatriz; Freitas, Ângela articleopenAccess
217-Nov-2020The Association between Material Deprivation and Avoidable Mortality in Lisbon, PortugalCosta, Claudia ; Freitas, Ângela ; Almendra, Ricardo ; Santana, Paula articleopenAccess
329-Feb-2020The Role of Cohesion Policy Funds in Decreasing the Health Gaps Measured by the EURO-HEALTHY Population Health IndexSantana, Paula ; Freitas, Ângela Mendes ; Costa, Cláudia ; Stefanik, Iwona ; Santinha, Gonçalo ; Krafft, Thomas; Pilot, Eva articleopenAccess