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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
128-Feb-2020Bio-Inspired Modality Fusion for Active Speaker DetectionAssunção, Gustavo ; Gonçalves, Nuno ; Menezes, Paulo articleopenAccess
22020IEC61800-9 System Standards as a Tool to Boost the Efficiency of Electric Motor Driven Systems WorldwideFong, João ; Ferreira, Fernando J. T. E. ; Silva, André M. ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess
32021Non-Destructive Fast Estimation of Tree Stem Height and Volume Using Image ProcessingCoelho, João ; Fidalgo, Beatriz; Crisóstomo, Manuel M. ; Salas-González, Raúl; Coimbra, A. Paulo ; Mendes, Mateus articleopenAccess
42022Real-Time Event-Driven Learning in Highly Volatile Systems: A Case for Embedded Machine Learning for SCADA SystemsGoncalves, Manuel; Sousa, Pedro; Mendes, Jérôme Amaro Pires ; Danishvar, Morad; Mousavi, AlirezaarticleopenAccess
52022Smart Thermostats for a Campus Microgrid: Demand Control and Improving Air QualityCorreia, Alexandre ; Ferreira, Luís Miguel ; Coimbra, Paulo ; Moura, Pedro ; de Almeida, Aníbal articleopenAccess
62022Sort and Deep-SORT Based Multi-Object Tracking for Mobile Robotics: Evaluation with New Data Association MetricsPereira, Ricardo ; Carvalho, Guilherme; Garrote, Luís ; Nunes, Urbano J. articleopenAccess
72021Study on Data Partition for Delimitation of Masses in MammographyViegas, Luís ; Domingues, Inês; Mendes, MateusarticleopenAccess
82022The Role of Electrification in the Decarbonization of the Energy Sector in PortugalMartins, Fernando ; Moura, Pedro ; Almeida, Aníbal T. de articleopenAccess