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11-Jun-2021Environment Actors Confronting a Post Climate-Related Disaster Scenario: A Feasibility Study of an Action-Based Intervention Aiming to Promote Climate ActionAreia, Neide P. ; Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Mendes, José Manuel articleopenAccess
230-Sep-2020Impact Assessment and Geochemical Background Analysis of Surface Water Quality of Catchments Affected by the 2017 Portugal WildfiresSequeira, Mário David ; Castilho, Ana Maria; Dinis, Pedro Alexandre ; Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira articleopenAccess
32020Study of superficial waters quality in a post-wildfire scenario in Portugal Central RegionSequeira, M. D.; Castilho, A. M.; Dinis, P. A. ; Tavares, A. O. articleopenAccess
49-Oct-2020The European Media Portrayal of Climate Change: Implications for the Social Mobilization towards Climate ActionTavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Areia, Neide P. ; Mellett, Sinead; James, Julia; Intrigliolo, Diego S.; Couldrick, Laurence B.; Berthoumieu, Jean-FrançoisarticleopenAccess
52023The Rural Fires of 2017 and Their Influences on Water Quality: An Assessment of Causes and EffectsSequeira, Mário David ; Castilho, Ana; Tavares, Alexandre Oliveira ; Dinis, PedroarticleopenAccess