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12020Hierarchical design of hyaluronic acid-peptide constructs for glioblastoma targeting: Combining insights from NMR and molecular dynamics simulationsMendes, Maria ; Cova, Tânia ; Basso, João; Ramos, M. Luísa ; Vitorino, Rui; Sousa, João; Pais, Alberto ; Vitorino, Carla articleopenAccess
231-May-2021Mining the Biomarker Potential of the Urine Peptidome: From Amino Acids Properties to ProteasesTrindade, Fábio; Barros, António Sousa ; Silva, Jéssica; Vlahou, Antonia; Falcão-Pires, Inês; Guedes, Sofia; Vitorino, Carla ; Ferreira, Rita; Leite-Moreira, Adelino; Amado, Francisco ; Vitorino, RuiarticleopenAccess