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2009Molecular cytogenetic characterisation of a mosaic add(12)(p13.3) with an inv dup(3)(q26.31 → qter) detected in an autistic boyCarreira, Isabel M. ; Melo, Joana B. ; Rodrigues, Carlos F. D. ; Backx, Liesbeth; Vermeesch, Joris; Weise, Anja; Kosyakova, Nadezda; Oliveira, Guiomar ; Matoso, Eunice articleopenAccess
Feb-2020Molecular cytogenetic pilot study on pleomorphic adenomas of salivary glandsThielker, Jovanna; Weise, Anja; Othman, Moneeb A. K. ; Carreira, Isabel M. ; Melo, Joana B. ; Von Eggeling, Ferdinand; Guntinas-Lichius, Orlando; Ziegler, Monika; Liehr, Thomas articleopenAccess