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2020Bank Profitability and Efficiency in Portugal and Spain: A Non-Linearity ApproachNeves, Maria Elisabete; Proença, Catarina ; Dias, AntónioarticleopenAccess
Aug-2022Determinants of Iberian companies' performance: corporate boards and the nonlinearity of gender diversityProença, Catarina; Neves, Maria ElisabetearticleopenAccess
17-Jun-2022Determinants of Iberian Companies’ Performance: Corporate boards and the non-linearity of gender diversityProença, Catarina; Neves, Maria ElisabetearticleopenAccess
Apr-2022Determinants of sovereign debt ratings in clusters of European countries - effects of the crisisProença, Catarina; Neves, Maria Elisabete; Dias, José Carlos; Martins, PedroarticleopenAccess
2022Governance and social responsibility: what factors impact corporate performance in a small banking-oriented country?Neves, Maria Elisabete; Proença, Catarina ; Cancela, BeatrizarticleopenAccess
Oct-2022The effect of intellectual capital on the performance of listed Iberian companiesNeves, Maria Elisabete; Proença, CatarinaarticleopenAccess
17-May-2022The influence of corporate governance and corporate social responsibility on corporate performance: an Iberian panel data evidenceNeves, Maria Elisabete; Santos, Adriana; Proença, Catarina Alexandra Neves ; Pinho, Carlos articleopenAccess