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13-Oct-2022Effect of neuropetide Y intranasal delivery in autistic-like behaviors in a mouse model of autism spectrum disorderPinho, Ana Margarida da SilvamasterThesisembargoedAccess
22-Sep-2023Effect of prenatal tryptophan diet on mouse ASD-like behaviorFortunato, Maria Carolina CortesãomasterThesisembargoedAccess
11-Oct-2022Mother-offspring relationship in autism spectrum disorder: influence on development and behaviorFerreira, Helena Margarida TeixeiramasterThesisembargoedAccess
4-Oct-2023The role of Kisspeptin in sexual differentiation of the developing brainNeves, João Daniel RibeiromasterThesisembargoedAccess
15-Nov-2021Sex-dependent changes in brain microstructures organization and neurochemical profile in Tsc2 mouse modelSousa, Ana Catarina Baptista demasterThesisopenAccess