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24-Dec-2018Bioinspired-Metalloporphyrin Magnetic Nanocomposite as a Reusable Catalyst for Synthesis of Diastereomeric (-)-Isopulegol Epoxide: Anticancer Activity Against Human Osteosarcoma Cells (MG-63)Dias, Lucas D. ; Batista de Carvalho, Ana L. M. ; Pinto, Sara M. A. ; Aquino, Gilberto L. B. ; Calvete, Mário J. F. ; Rossi, Liane M.; Marques, Maria Paula ; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess
2021Immobilization of Rh(I)-N-Xantphos and Fe(II)-C-Scorpionate onto Magnetic Nanoparticles: Reusable Catalytic System for Sequential Hydroformylation/AcetalizationRodrigues, Fábio M. S. ; Dias, Lucas D.; Calvete, Mário ; Maria, Teresa M. R. ; Rossi, Liane M.; Pombeiro, Armando J. L.; Martins, Luísa M. D. R. S.; Pereira, Mariette M. articleopenAccess