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29-Apr-2022The biophilia hypothesis explored: Regenerative urban green spaces and well-being in a Portuguese sampleLencastre, Marina Prieto Afonso; Vidal, Diogo Guedes ; Estrada, Rui; Barros, Nelson; Maia, Rui Leandro; Farinha-Marques, PauloarticleembargoedAccess
2023Thinking beyond borders: how can humanities and social sciences help to deal with climate change health hazards in the XXI century? Outputs of the transdisciplinary network "Composing worlds: humanities, well-being and health"Vidal, Diogo Guedes ; Lencastre, Marina Prieto Afonso; Magalhães, Susana Pinto Leite Vasconcelos Teixeira de; Barroso, Eduardo Paz; Campelo, Alvaro; Cunha, Pedro; Estrada, Rui António Nogueira GonçalvesbookPartembargoedAccess