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2023Bacterial nanocellulose membrane as novel substrate for biomimetic structural color materials: Application to lysozyme sensingSuleimenova, Akmaral; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Soares da Silva, Francisco A.G.; Gama, Miguel; Fortunato, Elvira; Sales, M. Goreti F. articleopenAccess
2-Jul-2021Biosensors for European Zoonotic Agents: A Current Portuguese PerspectiveMiguéis, Samuel da Costa; Tavares, Ana P. M.; Martins, Gabriela V. ; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Sales, Maria Goreti Ferreira articleopenAccess
2022Breaking the classics: Next-generation biosensors for the isolation, profiling and detection of extracellular vesiclesVaz, Raquel ; Serrano, Verónica M. ; Castaño-Guerrero, Yuselis; Cardoso, Ana R. ; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Sales, M. Goreti F. articleopenAccess
2023Detection of serum calprotectin based on molecularly imprinted photonic hydrogels: A novel approach for IBD diagnosisResende, Sara ; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Freitas, Paulo P.; Sales, M. Goreti F. articleopenAccess
13-May-2021Molecular Imprinting on Nanozymes for Sensing ApplicationsCardoso, Ana R. ; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Serrano, Verónica M. ; Fortunato, Elvira; Sales, Maria Goreti Ferreira articleopenAccess
2020Photonics in nature and bioinspired designs: sustainable approaches for a colourful worldVaz, Raquel ; Frasco, Manuela F. ; Sales, M. Goreti F. articleopenAccess
2022Recent advances in virus imprinted polymersAmorim, Mariana S. ; Sales, M.Goreti F. ; Frasco, Manuela F. articleopenAccess