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2020Evaluating Mulch Cover with Coir Dust and Cover Crop with Palma Cactus as Soil and Water Conservation Techniques for Semiarid Environments: Laboratory Soil Flume Study under Simulated RainfallMontenegro, Abelardo A.A.; Almeida, Thayná A.B.; Lima, Cleene A. de; Abrantes, João R. C. B. ; de Lima, João L. M .P. articleopenAccess
2015Revisiting simple methods to estimate drop size distributions: a novel approach based on infrared thermographyLima, João L. M .P. de ; Silva, Valdemir P.; Lima, M. Isabel P. de ; Abrantes, João R. C. B. ; Montenegro, AbelardoarticleopenAccess