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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2014Sequential administration of carbon nanotubes and near-infrared radiation for the treatment of gliomasSantos, Tiago ; Fang, Xin; Chen, Meng-Tse; Wang, Weijun; Ferreira, Raquel; Jhaveri, Niyati; Gundersen, Martin; Zhou, Chongwu; Pagnini, Paul; Hofman, Florence M; Chen, Thomas CarticleopenAccess
2017Synthetic microparticles conjugated with VEGF165 improve the survival of endothelial progenitor cells via microRNA-17 inhibitionAday, Sezin; Zoldan, Janet; Besnier, Marie; Carreto, Laura; Saif, Jaimy; Fernandes, Rui; Santos, Tiago ; Bernardino, Liliana Inácio ; Langer, Robert ; Emanueli, Costanza; Ferreira, Lino articleopenAccess
15-Mar-2016Therapeutic potential of retinoic acid-loaded nanoparticles for brain repairSantos, Tiago Alexandre Ramos Teixeira de Sousa doctoralThesisopenAccess