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2020Cortical stiffness of keratinocytes measured by lateral indentation with optical tweezersZemljič Jokhadar, Špela; Stojković, Biljana; Vidak, Marko; Sorčan, Tjaša; Liovic, Mirjana; Gouveia, Marcos ; Travasso, Rui D. ; Derganc, JurearticleopenAccess
9-Apr-2020Keratin Dynamics and Spatial Distribution in Wild-Type and K14 R125P Mutant Cells-A Computational ModelGouveia, Marcos ; Zemljič-Jokhadar, Špela; Vidak, Marko; Stojkovič, Biljana; Derganc, Jure; Travasso, Rui D.M. ; Liovic, MirjanaarticleopenAccess
2021A mathematical model for the dependence of keratin aggregate formation on the quantity of mutant keratin expressed in EGFP-K14 R125P keratinocytesGouveia, Marcos ; Sorčan, Tjaša; Zemljič-Jokhadar, Špela; Travasso, Rui D.M. ; Liović, MirjanaarticleopenAccess
27-Jul-2017Simulating Vessel Growth with Extracellular Matrix RemodellingGouveia, Marcos João do Carmo masterThesisopenAccess