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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
26-Mar-2015Uma reanálise do ponto de vista económico de centrais fotovoltaicasFilipe, Diogo José Oliveira masterThesisopenAccess
2011Students Energy Saving Behavior - Case study of University of CoimbraJános, Lõrincz Máté masterThesisopenAccess
2013Surveying techno-economic indicators of microalgae biofuel technologiesRibeiro, Lauro André ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da articleopenAccess
2012Technoeconomic Assessment on Innovative Biofuel Technologies: The Case of MicroalgaeRibeiro, Lauro André ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da articleopenAccess
25-May-2023Technologies and Strategies to Support Energy Transition in Urban Building and Transportation SectorsRosa, Mattia De; Bianco, Vincenzo; Barth, Henrik; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Vargas Salgado, Carlos; Pallonetto, FabianoarticleopenAccess
Apr-2024The critical drivers of the Brazilian electricity sector's transition through 2050: A Delphi studyFeil, Alex Sandro; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; de Castro, NivaldearticleopenAccess
2022The Maritime Sector and Its Problematic Decarbonization: A Systematic Review of the Contribution of Alternative FuelsSantos, Vinicius Andrade dos ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Serrano, Luís Manuel Ventura articleopenAccess
2017The price of wind power generation in Iberia and the merit-order effectFigueiredo, Nuno Carvalho ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da articleopenAccess
Dec-2020Towards a renewables-based future for West African States: A review of power systems planning approachesBissiri, M.; Moura, P. ; Figueiredo, N. C.; Silva, P.P. articleembargoedAccess
2015Towards an auction system in the allocation of EU Emission Rights: its effect on firms’ stock market returnsSilva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Moreno, Blanca ; Fonseca, Ana Rosa bookopenAccess
2016Weather and market specificities in the regional transmission of renewable energy price effectsFigueiredo, Nuno Carvalho ; Silva, Patrícia Pereira da ; Bunn, Derek articleopenAccess