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17-Sep-2013Development of a method using infrared thermography for shallow flow visualization and quantitative estimation of velocityLima, Rui Leal Pedroso de masterThesisopenAccess
23-Oct-2020Efficacy and Patient's Acceptance of Alternative Methods for Caries Removal-a Systematic ReviewCardoso, Miguel ; Coelho, Ana ; Lima, Rui ; Amaro, Inês ; Paula, Anabela ; Marto, Carlos Miguel ; Sousa, José; Spagnuolo, Gianrico; Ferreira, Manuel Marques ; Carrilho, Eunice articleopenAccess
2018Omalizumab for Severe Asthma: Beyond Allergic AsthmaLoureiro, C. C. ; Amaral, L. ; Ferreira, J. A.; Lima, Rui ; Pardal, C.; Fernandes, I. R. ; Semedo, L.; Arrobas, A.articleopenAccess
2023Optimizing the use of systemic corticosteroids in severe asthma (ROSA II project): a national Delphi consensus studyMarques, J.; Duarte-Ramos, F.; Ferreira, M. B.; Lima, Rui ; Lopes, C.; Sokolova, A.; Tonin, F. S.; Loureiro, C. C. articleopenAccess
2022Technologies for the study of hydropeaking impacts on fish populations: Applications, advantages, outcomes, and future developmentsAlexandre, Carlos M.; Quintella, Bernardo R.; Ovidio, Michaël; Boavida, Isabel ; Costa, Maria J.; Palstra, Arjan P.; Lima, Rui L. Pedroso de ; Lima, Maria Isabel P. de ; Lima, João L. M. P. de ; Almeida, Pedro R.articleopenAccess