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2020Aging Effect on Functionalized Silver-Based Nanocoating Braided Coronary StentsRebelo, Rita; Padrão, Jorge; Fernandes, Margarida M.; Carvalho, Sandra ; Henriques, Mariana; Zille, Andrea; Fangueiro, RaularticleopenAccess
2021Carbon-Based Coatings in Medical Textiles Surface Functionalisation: An OverviewAntunes, José ; Matos, Karim ; Carvalho, Sandra ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Cruz, Sandra M. A. ; Ferreira, Fábio articleopenAccess
15-Aug-2023Corrosion Resistance in Artificial Perspiration of Cr-Based Decorative CoatingsCarneiro, Edgar; Castro, José David; Lima, Maria José; Ferreira, Jorge; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
24-Sep-2021Cr-Based Sputtered Decorative Coatings for Automotive IndustryCarneiro, Edgar; Parreira, Nuno M. G.; Vuchkov, Todor ; Carvalho, Albano Augusto Cavaleiro Rodrigues de ; Ferreira, Jorge; Andritschky, Martin; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
14-Mar-2023Decorative Chromium Coatings on Polycarbonate Substrate for the Automotive IndustryPonte, Filipa ; Sharma, Pooja ; Figueiredo, Nuno Miguel ; Ferreira, Jorge; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
2023Deep Learning Approach to the Texture Optimization Problem for Friction Control in Lubricated ContactsSilva, Alexandre; Lenzi, Veniero; Pyrlin, Sergey; Carvalho, Sandra ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Marques, LuísarticleopenAccess
28-Oct-2021Development of Dental ImplantsAgostinho, Pedro Mota GilmasterThesisopenAccess
6-Dec-2019Development of Hybrid Surface Treatments for Controlling Wettability and Improving Tribological PerformanceRodrigues, Simone Pereira doctoralThesisopenAccess
2019Electrochemical Corrosion of Nano-Structured Magnetron-Sputtered CoatingsCalderon, Sebastian; Alves, Cristiana F. Almeida; Manninen, Noora K. ; Cavaleiro, Albano ; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
2021Fracture Resistance of Simulated Immature Teeth Reinforced with Different Mineral Aggregate-Based MaterialsPandolfo, Mariana Travi; Rover, Gabriela; Bortoluzzi, Eduardo Antunes; Teixeira, Cleonice da Silveira; Rossetto, Hebert Luís; Fernades, Paula Cristina Dos Santos Vaz; Côrte-Real, Inês Sansonetty Gonçalves; Carvalho, Sandra Maria Fernandes ; Garcia, Lucas da Fonseca RobertiarticleopenAccess
2023Influence of Ag Doping on the Microstructural, Optical, and Electrical Properties of ZrSiN Coatings Deposited through Pulsed-DC Reactive Magnetron SputteringVanegas Parra, Henry Samir; Calderón Velasco, Sebastián; Alfonso Orjuela, José Edgar; Olaya Florez, Jhon Jairo; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
Jun-2013Influence of surface features on the adhesion of Staphylococcus epidermidis to Ag-TiCN thin filmsCarvalho, Isabel; Henriques, Mariana; Oliveira, João ; Almeida Alves, Cristiana Filipa; Piedade, Ana Paula ; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess
2023Laser texturing of piston ring for tribological performance improvementFerreira, Rita; Carvalho, Óscar; Sobral, Luís ; Carvalho, Sandra ; Silva, FilipearticleopenAccess
2021Overview on the Antimicrobial Activity and Biocompatibility of Sputtered Carbon-Based CoatingsCarvalho, Isabel ; Rodrigues, Lisa ; Lima, Maria José; Carvalho, Sandra ; Cruz, Sandra M. A. articleopenAccess
2014Properties of Electrospun TiO2NanofibersCaratão, Bianca; Carneiro, Edgar; Sá, Pedro; Almeida, Bernardo; Carvalho, Sandra articleopenAccess