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2019An Assessment of Groundwater Contamination Risk with Radon Based on Clustering and Structural ModelsMartins, Lisa; Pereira, Alcides ; Oliveira, Alcino ; Fernandes, António; Sanches Fernandes, Luís Filipe; Pacheco, Fernando António Leal articleopenAccess
2022Contributions for the Understanding of the São Pedro do Sul (North of Portugal) Geohydraulic and Thermomineral System: Hydrochemistry and Stable Isotopes StudiesAlmeida, Solange; Gomes, Luís; Oliveira, Alcino ; Carreira, PaulaarticleopenAccess
2019A New Framework for the Management and Radiological Protection of Groundwater Resources: The Implementation of a Portuguese Action Plan for Radon in Drinking Water and Impacts on Human HealthMartins, Lisa; Pereira, Alcides ; Oliveira, Alcino ; Sanches Fernandes, Luís F.; Pacheco, Fernando A.L.articleopenAccess