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29-Oct-2021Chenodeoxycholic Acid Has Non-Thermogenic, Mitodynamic Anti-Obesity Effects in an In Vitro CRISPR/Cas9 Model of Bile Acid Receptor TGR5 KnockdownTeodoro, João S. ; Machado, Ivo F. ; Castela, Ana C. ; Amorim, João A. ; Jarak, Ivana ; Carvalho, Rui A. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. ; Rolo, Anabela P. articleopenAccess
2014Mitochondria in glutamatergic nerve terminals are selectively affected by exposure to Aβ1-42 modeling early Alzheimer's diseaseAmorim, João Filipe Alves masterThesisopenAccess
11-Jul-2020The Soluble Adenylyl Cyclase Inhibitor LRE1 Prevents Hepatic Ischemia/Reperfusion Damage Through Improvement of Mitochondrial FunctionTeodoro, João S. ; Amorim, João A. ; Machado, Ivo F. ; Castela, Ana C. ; Steegborn, Clemens; Sinclair, David A; Rolo, Anabela P. ; Palmeira, Carlos M. articleopenAccess
11-Dec-2019Understanding the underlying mechanisms regulating aging and longevityAmorim, João Filipe Alves doctoralThesisembargoedAccess