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2022Advanced oxidation processes at ambient conditions for olive oil extraction industry wastewater degradationDomingues, Eva ; Fernandes, Eryk ; Gomes, João; Castro-Silva, Sérgio; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
2020Advanced oxidation processes for recalcitrant compounds removal comparison with biofiltration by Corbicula flumineaGomes, João ; Domingues, Eva ; Gmurek, Marta ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
2023An Opinion on the Removal of Disinfection Byproducts from Drinking WaterRoque, Maria Inês ; Gomes, João ; Reva, Igor ; Valente, Artur J. M. ; Simões, Nuno E. ; Morais, Paula V. ; Durães, Luisa ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
2022An Overview of Polymer-Supported Catalysts for Wastewater Treatment through Light-Driven ProcessesSilva, Maria João ; Gomes, João ; Ferreira, Paula C. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
27-Sep-2017Anaerobic digestion process for agro-industrial wastes valorization: experimental and theoretical biochemical methane potential prediction.Rodrigues, Rafaela Pereira masterThesisembargoedAccess
28-Sep-2018Assessment of hazardous properties in wastes: HP 14 ecotoxicityBandarra, Beatriz Sales masterThesisembargoedAccess
2021Bioenergy Production through Mono and Co-Digestion of Tomato ResiduesAlmeida, Patrícia V.; Rodrigues, Rafaela P.; Teixeira, Leonor M.; Santos, Andreia F.; Martins, Rui C. ; Quina, Margarida J. articleopenAccess
2013Catalytic activity of low cost materials for pollutants abatement by Fenton's processMartins, Rui C. ; Henriques, Lucy R. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2019Catalytic Efficiency of Red Mud for the Degradation of Olive Mill Wastewater through Heterogeneous Fenton’s ProcessDomingues, Eva ; Assunção, Nelson ; Gomes, João ; Lopes, Daniela V. ; Frade, Jorge R.; Quina, Margarida J. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
25-Jul-2009Catalytic ozonation of phenolic acids over a Mn-Ce-O catalystMartins, Rui C. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2022A Comparison of Biosolids Production and System Efficiency between Activated Sludge, Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor, and Sequencing Batch Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor in the Dairy Wastewater TreatmentBoavida-Dias, Rui ; Silva, João R.; Santos, Andreia D. ; Martins, Rui C. ; Castro, Luís M. M. N. ; Ferreira, Rosa M. Quinta articleopenAccess
2014Composition Effect of Iron–Copper Composite Catalysts in the Fenton Heterogeneous Process Efficiency and Cooxidation Synergy AssessmentRossi, André F. ; Martins, Rui C. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. articleopenAccess
2018Detoxification of Olive Mill Wastewaters by Fenton’s ProcessDomingues, Eva ; Gomes, João ; Quina, Margarida J. ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
Jul-2015Developing Integrated Decontamination Methods Involving Chemical Treatment (Fenton's Reaction and Ozonation) and Biofiltration by Invasive Asian Clams for Challenging Effluents.Pipolo, MarcomasterThesisopenAccess
2021Editorial Catalysts: Special Issue on Recent Advances in TiO2 PhotocatalystsMalankowska, Anna; Borowska, Ewa; Martins, Rui C. ; Gmurek, Marta articleopenAccess
2020Editorial: Advanced Processes for Wastewater Treatment and Water ReuseMartins, Rui C. ; Ferreira, Rosa M. Quinta ; Rasteiro, Maria Graça ; Dantas, Renato; Gmurek, Marta articleopenAccess
2019Effect of Different Radiation Sources and Noble Metal Doped onto TiO2 for Contaminants of Emerging Concern RemovalMartins, Rui C. ; Domingues, Eva ; Bosio, Morgana; Quina, Margarida J. ; Gmurek, Marta ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Gomes, João articleopenAccess
2018Effect of Noble Metals (Ag, Pd, Pt) Loading over the Efficiency of TiO2 during Photocatalytic Ozonation on the Toxicity of ParabensGomes, João F. ; Lopes, Ana ; Bednarczyk, Katarzyna; Gmurek, Marta ; Stelmachowski, Marek; Zaleska-Medynska, Adriana; Quinta-Ferreira, M. Emilia ; Costa, Raquel ; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa M. ; Martins, Rui C. articleopenAccess
2020Electrochemical oxidation of paraben compounds and the effects of byproducts on neuronal activityBosio, M. ; Souza-Chaves, B. ; Gomes, J. ; Gmurek, M. ; Martins, R. ; Saggioro, E.; Dezotti, M.; Bassin, J. P.; Quinta-Ferreira, M. E. ; Quinta-Ferreira, R. M. articleopenAccess
6-Sep-2019Emerging contaminants removal by light driven ozonation and biofiltrationFernandes, Eryk Carvalho Gomes RodriguesmasterThesisopenAccess